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Details make perfection
and perfection is not a detail

The corporate mission of Defremm is founded on values which are the basis for our day to day operations: compliance with standards, the welfare of our employees, high production standards, attention to the care of each and every customer and their requirements, professional growth and continuous improvement..Our goal is to develop quality products and professionalism in our service to our clients in order to increase opportunities and lead to a growth in values over time: this is why over the years we have achieved numerous certifications, the most recent being IATF 16949:2016.

Our sights are however firmly fixed on the future in the awareness that our actions have repercussions on the entire context in which we operate. This is the reason why our vision embraces themes which already are dear to us: sustainable development for the reduction of our environmental impact, ecoinnovation which makes it possible for us to disassociate manufacturing progress from the exploitation of natural resources, and corporate responsability which investigates the ethical and social implications of company operations


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