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Defremm is a manufacturing company based in Lecco specialised in the production of standard and custom small parts using cold formed wire. Founded in 1980, Defremm has its roots in Minuterie Metalliche G. Molinari, a company which initially focused on the production of blind rivets and subsequently specialised in the manufacture of threaded tubular rivets and special parts.

Today Defremm is one of the main players in the cold forming sector in Italy and currently exports 80% of production. Defremm uses materials such as stainless steel, low and medium carbon steel, aluminium, copper and brass alloys. The company makes special parts to drawings, custom designed in compliance with the technical specifications of clients, for a number of sectors: automotive, mechanical construction, plumbing, domestic appliances, doors and windows and standard fasteners.

Always at the cutting edge in terms of technology, the company has been working for some time now on the development of smart manufacturing processes and industrial automation which makes it one of the leaders in digital transformation, setting its sights on becoming an industry 4.0 company with a focus on quality and sustainability.

SINCE 1980

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